One Tin Soldier

The setting is the holiday season of 1982. The location is a TV station in Smalltown USA. Phyllis Wilson is the news editor for the station. It starts out as a typical day...until Norman D. Mayer changes all that. Mayer, a Miami Beach handyman, shows up at the Washington Monument in a van which he claims is loaded with explosives. His message: to initiate a national dialog about banning nuclear weapons because, in his words, "The world is threatened every day of our lives with man-made annihilation. It's a disgrace to decency, civilization, and reason." The major news networks pick up the story with live broadcasts from the site.

Phyllis is faced with a dilemma. Does she go for the ratings and cut to the live broadcast, or does she air the first Christmas Special taped by the Reverend Jerry Thomas and the members of his church which is scheduled to be aired as the Norman D. Mayer Special Report is developing? Her final decision - and her reason for it - may surprise you.

"One Tin Soldier" is based on a true story which occurred at the National Monument in Washington DC in 1982. It is suitable as a short Christmas play or teleplay. This piece is especially provocative in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terrorism which the entire world community faces today.

One Tin Soldier is registered with the Writer's Guild of America West as a teleplay. The registration number is #927650.

Article from the Mankato Free Press about Norman Mayer
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